Epic TIKTOK CHALLENGE ft. Dance Moms Elliana Walmsley vs Montana Tucker

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Stu 2020.
TikTok star Montana Tucker challenges Dance Moms legend Elliana Walmsley to an embarrassing contest. The winner gets to choose Sephora or a photo shoot with a famous singer. Who could it be? Ariana? Beyonce? Elvis? WATCH UNTIL THE END!
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Hear Montana's full song "Sunday Funday": open.spotify.com/album/3VutNgEHYU40VwLZM206Yv?highlight=spotify:track:7wAIpF34rQmaHxeSIRLpfj
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Montana: www.tiktok.com/@montanatucker?lang=en
Elliana: www.tiktok.com/@ellianawalmsley?lang=en
Video by Sandy Chase
Assistant Editor: Kelly Butler
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Music licensed to Sandy Chase through Artlist.io
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